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By December 3, 2015 Crafts

I am learning new things all the time and have recently discovered a site called Bloglovin where you can follow all your favorite blogs in one spot.  Pretty cool don’t you think?  I am happy to announce that I am a new member :) and you can follow me by using the web address found below. See you soon!

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God Bless the USA

By December 3, 2015 Crafts
IMG_20150625_190838360 (1)

This summer my husband happened to being doing various projects that required wood and had a number of scraps left over.  He always likes to clean it all up and burn the scraps but after a little begging he agreed to let me use the scraps for my own projects.  I have a hard time throwing things away when there are such good uses for them yet and of course I’m always thinking of ways to make something new while not spending a whole lot of money.

With the scrap pieces of wood I decided to make a summer festive piece that sported our Country.  Gotta love the red, white, and blue!  I painted each board a different color.  I used spray paint for this project and did apply two coats to ensure I had a solid finish.  I didn’t paint the back side but you can if you decide to attach them to a steak.

While I waited for the base paint to dry I gathered my other materials.  I gathered  two sets of hook and eyes (in the future I would use 4, because I had problems with the wind twisting my boards around), thick wire, fence post staples, and a burlap bow.  Make sure to get hook and eyes that will stay together when placed vertically and are easy to screw in or tack onto boards.

I let the boards dry for a day before adding the letters because I used stencils and masking take to create the letters (sorry I do not have pictures of this).  Once I placed the stencils and covered any areas I didn’t want painted with masking tape I carefully spray painted the letters.  Make sure to avoid over spraying to prevent the paint from dripping or smudging under the stencil.  I wanted to mix things up on the USA so I sprayed diagonals of blue and white.  I didn’t use anything to make straight lines on the diagonals because I wanted the paint to blend a little for looks.  I also removed the stencils and tape from the boards immediately because I didn’t want the stencils to stick to the boards (be extra careful while removing tape and stencils over wet paint).

Once the letters had dried I hand painted “the” in the appropriate place and began adding the hook and eyes to their designated spots.  I didn’t accurately measure placement of the hook and eye because I wanted it to tilt a little.  To attach the wire at the top I hammered in two fence post staples and wrapped the wire around.  After it was all assembled and dry I added a burlap bow that I had for a little extra touch.  Finally I hung it next to our side door for all to enjoy on their way past our home.


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Welcome Signage

By December 2, 2015 Crafts

Its been a challenge to find my so called niche in beginning my blogging experience. I have a ton of interests and lots of things I would like to write about but needed a direction.  When I thought about what I’d like to be doing the most, I came to the conclusion that its working on crafts.  Creating things has always been a hobby, even as a kid I would stay in for recess to finish my arts and crafts.  I feel very excited to begin sharing the various crafts I have and will be making. :)

At times I would call crafting my side obsession and perhaps that is why I am interested in starting a blog as well (creating).  It helps that my family members also like to do crafty projects and before my grandmother past she would constantly bring over projects for us to make.  There is something very rewarding about looking at a bunch of objects, coming up with a neat idea, creating it, and then displaying it.

I found it to be fitting to share the welcome sign that I put together as my first feature project.  I used scrap lattice and wood pieces as well as wooden letters.  This summer we added some lattice to open areas on our patio and I wouldn’t let me husband burn the scraps.  I had in my mind that I was going to create something out of it but didn’t quite know what.  I finally decided to create a wooden frame out of scrap boards and then add in wooden letters that I bought from Walmart.

First I cut the scrap boards with a table saw to create a frame and then used an electric hand saw to cut the lattic.  The boards I had were from a project my husband was working on but I have gotten scrap boards from the scrap pile at Menards in the past for a small price.  Before I did any assembling I stained both boards and the lattice with a beautiful cherry stain (left over from another project).  I did not varnish them because I did want them age and also didn’t want it to be shiny.

While I was waiting for the stain to dry, I painted the front surface of the letters white and its sides black (to make it pop more).  Any color would work but I wanted to keep mine neutral in order to leave it up all year long while adding seasonal decorations and avoiding a clash of colors.

Finally once everything was dry I began with the assembly.  I kept the frame fairly simple by leaving both sides longer then insetting the top and bottom boards.  I laid the boards face down on my work table how I wanted them and then laid the piece of lattice over them, making sure no lattice stuck out past the frame.  I then used an air staple gun to tack everything in place.  It important to make sure your staples are the right length or they will pop through the other side.

When adding the letters to the project I placed the frame face up and arranged the letters to my liking.  I then used masking tape to hold them in place while I carefully placed the whole project face down again.  I then used the staple gun to tack the letters in place.  Wallah the completed project!  I decided to hang mine on the outside of my house with hooks.  Eventually I would like to have a seasonal decoration that I change out in which I plan to hang above this sign.


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